Education for Girls

Making a Difference

Due to cultural and financial reasons, having a girl is considered negative in India. First, it is an issue dowry system: parents have to pay groom's family a big amount as part of giving their daughter into marriage. Second, she is literally given away to become part of the groom's family and dependent on them, not sharing any responsibilities of her birth family. Because of that there are many abortions targeting female babies. To address this, Government banned ultra-sounds to find gender of the baby and created quota (33%) in jobs, college seats and free education up to High school.  On top of that, there is a special quota for people from low casts. So, if a girl from low cast goes to the free school and graduates from High school, her whole life is completely changed. But, we noticed parents in villages do not send their girls to school, instead put them to work in homes, so they can earn money to save for their own dowry in future. So, we asked them how much they earn by going to work, and it is $10 per month. So, we told them to send their daughters to school and show their attendance one of our team members and collect the $10. We try to make sure of them opening a Bank account on the child's name and save that money. There are a lot of girls in the villages that we currently are working in who needs that support.

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