Trips to India

Doing What’s Needed

Our trips to India are a lot of fun and the best way to engage with what we do. Our trips are usually around 8 to 10 days that includes the Travel. In our trips, we finish a project, stay in the village, sleeping in their houses and eating what they cook, during the project and then spend a day or two touring some historic place near by before we head back. The project is self funded by the trip cost, and the trip costs $3000, that covers everything (ticket, travel insurance, food, accommodation and transportation). We emphasize in the trips that it is not about work but about establishing relationships, as, as part of that, you not only serve, but also you let them serve. It will be a life changing experience for you as well as it is for them. So, be prepared for it. We have three sessions training created to better prepare you before and after the trip, and we have an application process to carefully choose a team to put together a good team. One has to remember that it is not a paid tourism trip where the expectation would be different, but a volunteer trip with a mission created around sacrificial love.

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