Naveen Pammi


Naveen was born and raised in India as a Hindu. He has been living in US since 2002 and works as a Software Engineer. Autumn, who later became his wife, shared Gospel with him in 2006 and kept challenging him for almost a year. He ended up receing Christ as his Savior and Lord in 2007, and, since then, His life has completely changed. In 2009, he connected with Keith Phinney, who gave him an opportunity to serve in the Bridges International along with him and then took him on a mission trip back to India, to his home state, in 2011 that connected him with Aaron Muppasani. In 2013, he got an opportunity to lead a trip from US to his home state in India to build water filter and train local pastors in that. In that trip, through Aaron Muppasani, he connected with Raju and Simon, and it lead to start Local Church Catalyst Inc., a religious non-profit organization, to raise funds to support the Local Church in India and to support the work of providing clean water to drink for the poor in villages. His deep roots to India through birth and grwoing up until he was 24 years old, his deep roots to American culture through his life for last 13 years, his marriage to an American wife, his deep roots into Hindu religion and then into Christianity and his experience in connecting and hosting Americans with Christian beliefs and Western culture in India with predominant Hindu religion and culture are a great asset to LCC. Naveen and Autumn have three young kids, one daughter followed by two boys.


Keith Phinney

Board of Director

Keith served with Cru (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) for 24 years in the western US and in East Asia.  The last ten years of his ministry with Cru primarily focused on International Students here in the US.  It was in those years that he met Naveen and Autumn Pammi.  After a few years ministering together on a US campus, he and Naveen took a 3 week trip to Naveen's home state to connect with the Cru ministry there and partner in ministry with them.  Keith has been married to Miriam since 1991 and they have three children.  Keith has a Masters in Pastoral Studies from the International School of Theology.  While not a native Utahn, he is HUGE Utah fan and can often be found wandering trails in Southern Utah.  He currently teaches middle school mathematics and enjoys sharing his love for math with students at a crazy time in their lives.


Brent Hinsley

Board of Director

Brent is the Outreach and Missions pastor with Alpine Church serving and helping to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our local community through directing the Alpine Outreach Center in Ogden. He also leads the youth ministry at the Alpine Brigham City Campus. Before coming to Alpine, he served as the Youth Pastor at Wasatch Evangelical Free church in Roy, UT for 13 years. He also served as the Youth Pastor at Glenkirk Presbyterian Church in Glendora, CA. Brent has been married to Suzy since 1998 and they have two kids. Brent has a B.A. in Pastoral Ministries from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA, and a Masters in Christian Education and Youth Ministry from Talbot Seminary in La Mirada, CA. Both Brent and Suzy are from sunny Southern California but love life and ministry in Utah. In his free time, you might find Brent rock climbing (or climbing on anything for that matter). He also enjoys coaching his son’s soccer club team.


Autumn Pammi

Board of Director

Autumn has a degree in communication, has taught ESL classes to refugees with the Salt Lake ESL Center and to international students on the University of Utah campus with the Cross Culture Club. She has also been involved with the Campus Crusade Bridges International Ministry up at the University of Utah taking part in and leading Bible studies, and mentoring some of the female students involved in the Bible studies. She has always had heart for people from other cultures and from 3rd and 2nd world countries. Her first mission project was at age 15 to Casa de Elizabeth Orphanage in Sonora Mexico. Throughout High School and College she did various outreach projects to the people of Mexico in the same state.  In addition to her heart for God, for people who are lost and poor and for other cultures, she is married to a guy, who was born and raised in India, and has visited India several times as a family memeber, the wealth of experience she gained from these trips as an American is great asset to our team on our mission trips from US to India. She is a great mom of three very young kids born in 2011, 2013 and 2015. She enjoys reading, outdoor activities and developing deep one-on-one relationships with other people.


Aaron Muppasani

India Staff Lead

Aaron and his wife Shyama have been serving in the Cru (Campus Crusage for Christ) since 2005 in India. He worked as a Principal for International Leadership Academy bible college from 2002 to 2005. He worked with baptist ministry as a youth director and reached other villages and, then, he got an opportunity to work with Jesus Film project for 3 years between 1999 and 2002. He was born and brought up in a village in India and studied in a governament funded hostel. While being indulged in bad habits and became very sinful, in his 9th grade, his dad went into some major surgery and endedup loosing everything his family had, including their house and then on struggled a lot. Then, in 1993, he got an opportunity to hear the Gospel and received Christ into his life as a personal savior and Lord on 14th of August. In 1997, he got a call for fulltime ministry, and, since then, he had been serving Christ for fulltime. As part of his current ministry with the Cru on campuses in Hyderabad, India, he and his wife reach out to thousands of students and train them to be leaders in Christ. As part of the training, they take students to villages to participate in building and establishing the Local Churches. In addition to his many years of experience in the ministry, the connections and resources that he develped in the area that LCC works as part of his ministry experience have been a great asset to LCC. Aaron and Shyamala have three daughters, Sharon, Hannah and Irene.



India Staff

Raju was born and brought up in a village called Panchalingala in India. He grew up with factionism that included gruesome killings of eachother in the name of taking revenge for generations. His Grand Father and his Father were both killed in that at different times. He wanted to take revenge to kill his enemies( those who killed his grand father and father)
He studied till 5th standard and worked as a cattle taker. When he grew up and started working as a car driver for a familiy, one day, he got in an accident that he was almost killed and make him think where he would've ended up had he died that night. A Pastor in a near by village shared the gospel on the next day and he endd up receiving Christ as a personal saviour and Lord.
Later, as he wanted to serve The Lord for the fulltime, the pastor sent him to a bible college in Vizag. 
Then he was lead to Pragatur village, a backward village, to minister. But the people were very rude as they all were Hindus and there was not a single believer. But, with help that same Pastor, he started a church faithfully and has been serving The Lord since then. He has some sever health issues with his heart, for which he needs to take medicine regularly and visits hospital every 3 months. Please pray for his health and ministry. 



India Staff

Simon was born and brought up in Singireddy village in India. He is from nominal Christian family. He studied until12th grade. One day he started believing Jesus Christ and wanted to serve The Lord. He worked in Jesus film project with Campus Crusade for Christ. He went to Bible college and started doing ministry in his own village. He has been involving with LCC providing pure water in his own district, which suffers from high Fluoride in the ground water that people use to drink. He is a very faithful and hard working person.



India Staff

Ramesh was born and brought up in Cheedhedu village in India. He gradulate with Bachelors in Commerce. He was brought up with Hindu beliefs, following its festivals and rituals. He never felt that he need a saviour or heaven. When he was studying in a government welfare hostel, he met few friends, who were from pastor Raju's village, so he became a friend of a pastor Raju. When LCC started a fluoride water project in Vattipalli village, pastor Raju asked his help and, since then, he has been involving faithfully in the work of LCC. But, he did not believe Christ yet. But the way Naveen, pastor Raju and Aaron has been working for the village people really impacted him and got him to start believing Jesus Christ strongly. Now, he wants to help his own village to provide clean water to drink and start a Local Church in his village. He himself wants to serve as a pastor for his own village, bringing many people to Christ. He left his part time Job and preparing to go to Bible college with the help of LCC.